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Below is a link to a sermon that I recently preached at the annual Homecoming service at the Bible Baptist Church of Mt. Vernon, KY. This is my wife’s home church and it was an honor to be their guest and to worship with pastor Don Stayton and the congregation. The sanctuary was filled with approximately 250+ people and the service was wonderful. Visit them at http://www.biblebaptist.org.

http://www.biblebaptist.org/images/stories/videos/Audio/092213am.wmaBible Baptist church MT Vernon


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Me preaching at Latonia Baptist Church, April 28, 2013

The text is Philippians 1:12-18; the title of the sermon is “Living Above the Circumstances for the Glory of the Gospel”

The sermon begins at about the 30:00 mark.

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Our “Find it Here” launch yesterday was a great success!  We have 52 people committed to pray and fast for the salvation of 151 unsaved people over the next 21 days (now 20)!  Don’t forget to pray for those to whom you have committed today!  And don’t forget to read John’s gospel, chapter 2, today!  You should have finished chapters 1-2 by the end of today!  Let’s prepare our hearts for the celebration of the resurrection in a few weeks by getting ourselves ready to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our lost family and friends!

Follow these daily emails over the next 3 weeks for updates, reminders, and thoughts about the “Find it Here” campaign!

Today, ponder Jesus’ cleansing of the temple in John 2:13-22, and think deeply upon Jesus’ words in verse 19.  He said “destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”  John goes on to tell us (v. 21) that he was actually referring to the temple of his body and the resurrection!  Already, Jesus was making it clear that his ministry would lead him to death, burial, and resurrection for the sake of the lost!  Let us pray today that our lost friends would hear of Jesus’ resurrection for their justification this Easter season!

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I am praying for a great response today from the people of God at Southern Heights as each member is challenged to commit to pray, fast, and reach out to 3 friends over the course of the next 28 days.  21 of these days will be committed to prayer, fasting, and spiritual preparation while the last 7 days (beginning on Palm Sunday) will involve actually going to and sharing Christ (and an Easter invite) to those for whom we are praying.

I believe this kind of evangelistic approach has the power and potential to change our church.  We must have each and every person in our pews actively praying, fasting, reading Scripture, and sharing Christ if we ever hope to be a Great Commission Church.  If there is no passion for reaching the lost at home, there will never be a passion for reaching them in Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world!

So if you’re reading this, pray for us as we launch our strategy today.

Check out the video component of this strategy at www.findithere.com

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Read the story HERE. Let’s hope that this comes to pass.  Tom Elliff is an amazing selection to follow Dr. Jerry Rankin’s passionate leadership at the International Mission Board of the SBC.  Southern Baptists would be blessed to have Dr. Elliff lead our international missions organization.  His wide-range of experience and leadership in all walks of Southern Baptist life along with his most recent work with the IMB make him an excellent choice.

Truthfully, this is a much better selection than what I had anticipated and I pray that it comes to pass.

I have enjoyed many of Tom’s writings, which can be found HERE (Tomelliff.com) and was blessed some years ago when, at an SBC annual meeting, I picked up the book that he and his wife Jeannie co-wrote entitled Letters to Lovers: Wisdom for Every Season of Your Marriage (B & H, 2003).  It’s a book I would highly recommend for couples.

I am very excited today as a Southern Baptist pastor, about the future of our IMB under Dr. Elliff’s leadership!

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association-300-yrsOK, I don’t have long to post right now; I am getting ready to head out the door and attend the weekly meeting/ luncheon of the Elkhorn Baptist Association.  EBA is the oldest association in the state of Kentucky and I believe (but could be wrong) the oldest west of the Alleghenies.  Anyway, I enjoy the fellowship and work of our association here in Lexington.  I believe it is done right by our DOM Don Reed and his staff.  We have various ministries to the people of greater-Lexington and our association sees itself as a resource for the churches, not vice-versa. 

My question, which is specifically directed at “younger” guys but open for all, is this: What do you think about local associations in Southern Baptist life?  Why aren’t more “younger” guys interested in being a part of the fraternal fellowship provided at the associational level?  Why are the meetings increasingly attended by the older generation but skipped over by younger guys?  Are we really arrogant enough to believe that we don’t need any fellowship, encouragement, or accountability outside of our local places of service?  What is the usefulness of the association for you?  How would you like to see them improve?   

I am not necessarily offering answers to these questions, but merely asking them because I really believe that in my lifetime, we are going to see either a radical restructuring of associational life or the death of them as institutions.  I say that not as a critic, but as one who participates and supports associational life when it is done well. 

What are your thoughts?

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That quite frankly, I don’t even know where to begin.

Check out the first one here, about a 6-year old that took his family car and attempted to drive to school, saying that he learned how to drive from playing Grand Theft Auto?@#$!

1. What the heck is a 6-year old doing playing Grand Theft Auto?

2. How does a 6-year old take keys, start a car, and drive for 6 miles unassisted?  NO WAY can he reach the pedals and maneuver properly?

3. How does he crash the car and receive nothing but a bump on the head?

4. How does he do this without the parents knowing a thing?

Can anyone else see a problem here?

cappucino The second story is a ridiculous report out of Chicago, students graduate without knowing how to read, but really enjoying their coffee!

Finally, there’s this one.  I have just one question… how is one “accused” of urinating on another’s leg?  Shouldn’t that one be pretty cut and “dry”?  The evidence should speak for itself?

This world in which we live is not only coming apart at the seams, it’s just a downright weird and creepy place to live sometimes.

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