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Just curious. How much impact will this make in our churches? Do we even take seriously any more a call to “solemn assembly?” Our church is participating, and I’ve included below the information that appeared in our bulletin over the past few weeks inviting folks to participate with us and (hopefully!) thousands of other Southern Baptist Churches!

SBC Corporate Call to Prayer, Fasting, and Repentance
On Sunday, January 30th, our church will join thousands of other Baptist churches in the Southern Baptist Convention for a day of Solemn Assembly in which our churches and those in them will be asked to fast, repent of known sin, and devote themselves to prayer for the revival of our churches and deeper obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and the Great Commandment (Mark 12:29-31) of our Lord.

But you ask, “How can I participate?” We will give you four unique opportunities to join in this special call to prayer:
1. Sign up for one of the half-hour prayer slots on our church “prayerathon” schedule. Beginning at 7:00 pm on Saturday 1/29, we want to have 24 consecutive hours of prayer from the people of our church. This can be at the church (a prayer closet will be set-up) or at home; individually or as a family, just so long as you pray for that half-hour time-period.
2. On Sunday evening, January 30th, we will have a special service devoted to prayer, praise, and recommitment. This service (6:00 pm- 7:00 pm) will be the final hour of our 24-hour Solemn Assembly. Plan to attend.
3. Choose a time or meal between Saturday evening and Sunday evening to give-up for the sake of special prayer, praise, or worship. Fast through one meal and use that time for deeper dedication to the Lord.
4. Commit yourself to one notable act of spiritual repentance that day. Determine one area of your life that is causing you serious spiritual hindrance. Then, confess that act to God, ask for the strength to repent of that act, and make yourself accountable to someone (i.e. deacon, pastor, S.S. teacher, etc…) for progress in that area of your spiritual walk.

Imagine with me what might occur of thousands upon thousands of Christ-followers recommitted themselves in one or more of the ways listed above on this day? Imagine the spiritual awakening that might take place in our homes? Our churches? Our nation?

Will you join with us to make this happen on January 29th and 30th?

So….are any other SB churches participating? What are you doing?


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