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exhausted!As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks.  It’s because I am exhausted right now!

The month of April has been crazy for a number of reasons. First, I have been working desperately hard to catch up on and complete all of my work for my PhD program this semester.  I have to go to Louisville on Mothers Day (May 11) and begin my two week session and needless to say, I have been working by butt off trying to catch up on my work!  In the midst of all that, our new son, Lucas Graham Leap, decided to enter the world on April 7, 2008!  Though I am thrilled to have a new happy, healthy son, he came at a most inopportune time!  (joking)  It has been tough for the past 3 weeks as mom recovers, Lucas cries, and the other three (three musketeers) have been running wild!  I have been trying to help out a lot around the house and with the kids.  It has been taxing.  Add to all of that the week of focused outreach at our church last week (Spring Sowing Days) in which we had outreach and projects going on every day, and you can see why I haven’t had time to blog lately. 

I am not quitting.  I still have much to say.  But for now, and probably until at least Mid-May, I am taking a break to focus on my studies and my family. 

Until I return, may God bless you!  If you are really desperate to hear my valuable insignts (lol), then just read my past posts!   There is enough there to keep you busy for a few visits! 


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