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I would like to know first from any Kentucky Baptists who read this blog, just how it is that members of the Kentucky Baptist Convention Mission Board are chosen or elected in your local association.  I will expand the question to any others outside the state of Kentucky whose state convention has a similar “board” that essentially “has charge of the work of the body (i.e. convention) between its sessions…” (Constitution and Bylaws of the KBC).  I don’t know what it is called in your state, but if you know what I am talking about, I would like to hear from you just how its “members” are chosen/ elected in your state. 

Now, please spare me any details about what the Mission Board is…I already know that.  I also know the “normal” procedure that takes place in most conventions that I have had dealings with because in the last association in which I served, I was elected and served on the Mission Board.  However, in the current association with which I fellowship, things are done a little differently…

Realizing that each local association has the “right” to do things however they determine, I am curious to hear about how other associations go about this process of providing representation to the state board.  Specifically, I want to know whether or not there is a democratic process involved in your association or the representatives are “chosen” by some other method.   If they are “chosen” by some other method, what is it?  And how are those who are chosen determined? 

There is no need to read anything into my asking this question…I am simply a concerned pastor who wants to know more about how things are done outside of Eastern Kentucky. 

I’m all ears…


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